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I am a full stack web developer with a passion for travelling the world!
Life is too short to be unhappy. So always strive in what you love to do.
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Jesse Jia

Who Am I

I’m a unique individual in sample of almost 8 billion people on the earth today. Internally, I have a burning passion for constantly learning new things while seeking out for new challenges. Spiritually, I’m an avid traveler and author of my own personal blog Following Jesse sharing the experiences I’ve gathered from all around the world. Fundamentally, I’m a student of the financial system while being an active member of the startup community. Nothing comes easy in life. So I believe one must continually develop their most important asset; themselves.

What I Do

Currently an Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering student in my final year at Queen’s University. I am a full stack web developer looking to explore opportunities at innovating startups. At the moment, my main focus is to continually develop my programming expertise through independent freelancing projects while working with other likeminded individuals to create the most optimal products for all my clients. I'm constantly seeking new problems to tackle and projects to take on.

  • Website UI/UX Designer
  • Front End React Developer
  • Project Management
  • Backend Javascript Developer
  • Photography
  • Video Production
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UI/UX Designer


Project Manager


Video Production


Front End Developer


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